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New Performing Dance Company

Case Study: New Performing Dance Company needed a poster (above left) to announce their annual concert at the Durham Arts Council. It would be their tenth anniversary concert and in celebration the dancers wanted to give gifts to the company's members. The company had a limited budget and a large membership.

Kowal Design recommended using the posters for both concert announcements and as gifts. To further save costs we suggested not using photography. After studying their choreography, costumes, and set designs to understand the essence of the modern company, we created a design using bold abstract shapes and bright colors to represent the dancers. Lee Vrana, the company's artistic director said, "The poster captures the personality of our movements."

The poster is a high quality four-color serigraph. It was printed in two sizes: 8.5 x 14 for the concert announcement and 8.5 x 11 (pictured) for the membership gift. The poster stood out prominently on crowded bulletin boards and kiosks, effectively advertising the concert. And as a gift it promoted excitement about the company, attracting new members and increasing revenue.

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