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MCNC Corporate Identity

Case Study: The Microelectronics Center of North Carolina (MCNC) established as a shared endeavor between state government, universities, and industry to promote science-based economic development, was restructuring its organization. They formed three new divisions: microelectronics, telecommunications, and supercomputing and changed their name to MCNC, to deemphasize microelectronics. Stefanie Mendell, former manager of MCNC's corporate communications, explains "We needed to clarify the make-up of our organization and explain our new structure and mission to both our internal and external audiences."

Kowal Design worked with MCNC's corporate communications department to define the objective and structure of the new identity. We developed an identity that captures the innovative spirit of the organization while explaining the relationship of the three new divisions. The logo (pictured) represents the interaction of the three divisions within MCNC, as well as the commitment of the three partners -- state government, universities, and industry. Guidelines for implementing the logo were established. New printed materials (samples pictured) were designed for each division to reinforce a unified identity. The signage is a steel obelisk located at the corporate entrance.

As Stefanie Mendell describes, "Developing a corporate identity was very challenging. Working through the process with support from Kowal Design was invaluable for analyzing our strengths and goals. Our new identity has clearly explained our organizational changes to our diverse audiences. And it has created an atmosphere of excitement and positive feelings with our employees."